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January Blog

It is hard to believe it is the end of January already – the month has flown by in a flurry of new instructions. It isn’t yet clear if this is just a little burst or whether this is the start of the long-anticipated avalanche of insolvencies!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, we have dealt with a number of hospitality and beauty instructions. Otherwise, we have dealt with two audio visual/media companies, small building companies, an online domestic appliance retailer and a number of commercial vehicles. We have also carried out an inventory and valuation of the chattel’s contents of a high value house in Kensington.

We have also been kept busy with completing instructions from the end of 2021, with a variety of chattel and property valuations and disposals. On the solvent side, Liv has also carried out a substantial valuation of the shares of four companies that form part of a larger group for internal restructuring and is marketing a business park café with a corporate catering division. Bethany is looking forward to getting out and about on new instructions and learning how to value different types of assets. There seems to be much more of a pipeline looking forward, perhaps due to the end of commercial rent protection on 31st March and the incoming Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Bill – are Directors finally being pushed into making decisions? Liv is due to present on this matter at the SESCA Insolvency Seminar in May – so watch this space for further information.

Pete and Jason have been busy clearing a house in Bracknell, which was occupied by a hoarder for 20 years and needed to be emptied ready for sale. It was certainly an interesting experience for them and one they aren’t ready to repeat in a hurry. They were able to release a couple of families of mice back into the wild prior to ripping up the carpets. The house is shortly due to go on the market with our joint agents in the area and is an excellent development opportunity so we expect it to generate some competitive bidding.

Mark has managed to get out to the Spanish office this month and will be spending more time there in the coming months. The wonders of technology in these modern times allow us to fully function on an international basis and we are able to carry out our services from anywhere in the world.

Looking forward, we have positive hopes for 2022. The signs are showing that it’s going to be a busy period for us all and we are all fired up and ready to go. We have used the quieter periods during the pandemic to catch up on older cases, regulation and compliance, and worked on developing our services. We are enjoying being able to get out and about and meet our clients again and are looking forward to the return of larger events again. Liv remains a committee member for the R3 Southern & Thames Valley Region and is assisting with the planning for the annual ball, which all being well should be able to go ahead in November of this year.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance with any matters. We are always happy to take a look at assets for you and let you know if they are worth dealing with. The impact of Covid-19 on many disposal processes have heightened the thresholds of what is cost effective to deal with and not.

We hope you all keep safe and well, and have a busy and prosperous 2022!

Liv and the Team at Proudley Associates


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