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We provide asset valuations for almost any purpose, required by commercial businesses, government departments, educational establishments, or if you are an insolvency practitioner. We can also provide ‘pre-lend’ and ‘on-going’ Collateral Valuations and Valuations for Lending purposes. We value every type of commercial asset, including intangibles such as IPR or licenses. All valuations are carried out under the guidelines of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors using their definitions, which are acceptable to banks and their advisors.

We can also provide residential and commercial property valuations, of which further information can be found on our commercial property consultancy page. Through relationships with other specialist professionals, we can provide valuation and disposal of specialist assets such as antiques, livestock and firearms, secure storage, cleaning of equipment for sale, and secure data removal and backup.

Market Areas include:

  • Contractors Plant

  • Office Furniture and IT Equipment

  • Commercial and Residential Property

  • Manufacturing and Processing Machinery

  • Commercial Vehicles

  • Retail Stock

  • Catering Equipment

  • Intellectual Property to include Websites and Licenses

We have a network of experienced sub-contract valuers who we can utilise to carry out multiple site valuations simultaneously. We are a small but committed team, for which no job is too big!

Proudley Associates Asset Valuation
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